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Taking on an Apprentice for your Business

Every business that wants a future needs new blood rising through the ranks.  But at Hudson Contract, we understand that taking on your first apprentice is often a daunting step.

Based on the discussions we’ve had with the many firms we’ve have helped over the years, the most common queries and concerns are:

  • Small firms that are keen to take on an apprentice but don’t think they can afford the cost
  • The time needed to provide an apprentice with the on-the-job training
  • Concerns around the scope of work required to complete the course

The good news is that there is plenty of support to help you through the process.

For example, website  is a great starting point, where you’ll find lots of down-to-earth information and practical advice.  While the steps to taking on an apprentice and finding funding are at 

How Hudson Contract supports the future of construction

In response to the issues students and employers in the Bridlington and Scarborough area were facing we set up the Hudson Contract Apprentice Sponsorship Scheme.   It’s based on four very simple steps:

1.  A letter of support is given to students to take to potential employers

2.  Students find an employer willing to take them on

3.  Hudson Contract confirms pledge of 12 months’ financial support to employers

4.  Employers invoice us for £50 per week sponsorship payment

It's simple, and has to be that way to ensure there's plenty of take-up in an area where only a handful of construction firms have more than five employees

Hudson Contract Chairman David Jackson

Video: The Hudson Contract Apprenticeship Scheme:  Give us the bill and we’ll pay it!



So far, we have helped over 100 apprentices get their start in construction.  And with a further 30 apprentices currently being sponsored, what started as a one-off is has grown into a valued – and permanent – part of the Hudson Contract culture.

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