For a Guaranteed Outcome, Hudson Contract are the Only Line of Defence When Engaging Subbies


Can you afford the fine if HMRC decides your self-employed operatives are non-compliant?

Run your numbers through our liability calculator and see how big a risk you are taking. If you are using another payroll provider, ask them if they’re willing give you a written guarantee if you are handed an HMRC fine.  Hudson Contract will do this. Guaranteed.

What is your average number of operatives?
How many years have you used labour only subcontractors?
What is your average weekly pay?

Your total liability is

The above figures do not include any HMRC fines, unpaid interest charges, or any legal costs in respect of challenging HMRC decisions.

Your liability if you use Hudson Contract

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IR35 The Guide Pod

Are you IR35 compliant?

Medium & large-sized construction companies are legally responsible – and liable – for determining the employment status of their limited company subcontractors and consultants.

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