The Hudson Contract Guarantee

Our guarantee to you

Our guarantee is watertight – and there’s no small print

It's simple. If HMRC or an employment tribunal successfully challenges the status of the freelancers on a Hudson contract, we will provide and pay for the legal team to argue the case. If we lose, we pay the fines or awards, not you.

The Hudson Contract Guarantee is something we are proud to offer. In writing. It is the product of a lifetime of experience, over twenty-five years of service and 100% success for our clients: we have never lost an HMRC status case or an employment tribunal hearing.  Read about our latest employment tribunal victory in

The sole requirement to ensure you are fully covered is that your freelancers must be engaged in accordance with our method statement.

There is no small print, no calling third party companies, it's our guarantee that we are proud to honour. 

Here’s why you can rely on Hudson Contract to take full responsibility for all status and employment issues:

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