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There are a number of reasons why construction firms get in touch.

Getting started is easy:
1 Call our friendly team on 0800 054 1127 to find out how Hudson can help you. We have regional account managers across England and Wales who can meet with you virtually or in person at a time, date and location that suits you.
2 At the meeting we will conduct an initial free audit of your subbies to identify any areas of risk that exist. If your current arrangements are compliant we will be honest and confirm this – there is never any hard sell.
3 If you are at risk we would go through the different solutions we could offer you as a company, and discuss fees from there.

Did you know…?

The best legal minds in Britain
Hudson consults the best legal minds in Britain on tax and employment law.
Our regional managers come from construction backgrounds and understand the industry.

To find out how we can help you, give us a call today to discuss your requirements.

Free audit of your arrangements
We will provide you with an initial free audit of your tax and employment arrangements.
Our opinion is based on expert knowledge.
Hudson is the only provider of its kind with case law in its name.
We originated the market for secure self-employment in the construction industry.
Place your trust in Hudson
More than 2,600 construction firms and 72,000 self-employed tradespeople place their trust in Hudson to eliminate tax and employment status risks.

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