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Your CIS financial risks are more than managed – they are eliminated

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We are an employment intermediary commonly referred to as a CIS payroll company. Of course, we pay your subcontractors and shield you from HMRC and employment law compliance, but we also do a lot more. Our clients benefit from the following services included in our flat fee.

Whether you have one subcontractor or two thousand, we will provide you with the same level of protection and as much assistance as you need. All of our clients are assigned a dedicated account manager who will look after your needs.

We eliminate your risk and provide expert advice:
HMRC employment status inspections
Employment tribunals
Fraud Investigation Service probes
Unfair dismissal claims
Holiday pay claims
Managed Service Company investigations
IR35 liabilities
Border Force penalties for illegal workers
Complex CIS compliance
Payroll calculations
CIS reporting
CITB levy calculations and checking
We also provide:
Free issue payment software
Contract drafting
Mock tax inspections
Supply chain due diligence checks
Bespoke policies and agreements
Assistance with contractual disputes
Status and CIS auditing
OEI reporting
Legislation updates
Industry representation
What we don’t do
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We don’t...
Just process your payroll without providing the status cover you really need
Call ourselves a ‘commercial contractor’ to avoid agency legislation
Use your hard-earned money to give credit to other customers
Provide meaningless insurance policies that neither you nor the subbies really need
Charge illegal fees to subcontractors
Cut corners and put your business at risk
Do anything that doesn’t need to be done
Take risks with VAT or supply chain due diligence

Don’t just take our word for it

Hudson Contract is rated ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot with more than 700 client reviews.

Why we are by far the market leader

In 1996, we launched Hudson as an intermediary service because construction companies were under attack from HMRC. When the taxman spent millions of pounds on a huge push to curtail the use of CIS labour in favour of PAYE, Hudson was the only firm with the solution. More than two decades later, having made tens of millions of payments to operatives for many thousands of construction firms, Hudson is still the only intermediary that provides genuine protection with a fully compliant and legally tested model.

Hudson Icon Compliance

We are the only CIS compliance provider to have our business model legally tested and upheld through tax tribunals and at the High Court

Hudson Icon Success

We have a 100 per cent success rate in defending clients at Employment Tribunal

Hudson Icon Managers

Our regional managers are from construction, not sales, and they provide honest and reliable support to all clients regardless of size

Hudson Icon Software

We have developed bespoke, easy to use, software for our clients and operatives

Hudson Icon Training

We continually invest in staff, training, IT and legal advice to make sure we offer the best possible service

Hudson Icon Advice

However large Hudson becomes, our dedicated team are happy to give each and every client the same level of service

Service Fees – no more than £16 per operative per week

Fees are negotiated on a client-by-client basis dependent on the bespoke service we provide.

We are proud to offer a 100 per cent guarantee in employment taxes and employment status related tribunal claims.

This means we take care of HMRC compliance reviews and tribunal claims and we will be responsible for any liabilities and legal fees, not you. To date, we have never lost a case.

The costs of getting it wrong with tax and employment compliance could be enough to sink an otherwise healthy business.

No start-up fee
No notice period
No charge if you don’t transact
No status or employment liability

Check your risks with our Liability Calculator and find out more about how we can protect you

How we remove your risk

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