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Your CIS financial risks are more than managed - they are eliminated

Your Hudson Contract Client Package

What we do for you

Your CIS financial risks are more than managed – they are eliminated

Using labour-only subbies on your sites has many advantages.  But it also means you have to deal with the complexities of the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS). This takes you into dangerous territory, because if you make mistakes with CIS you can put your entire business – and everything you’ve worked for – at risk. 

Risk One:  There’s the constant threat of HMRC.  The ever-present prospect of a status inspection.  And the threat of big fines and penalties if it turns out your contracts aren’t up to scratch, or if you’ve misunderstood the minefield of ever-changing rules and regulations, and your subbies are classified as employees. 

Risk Two:  With the rise of the gig economy, there’s also a growing problem of subbies, often backed by their union, taking you to an employment tribunal to claim holiday pay or unfair dismissal.  Their claims might be based on shaky ground, but it costs them nothing to take you to tribunal, so they might as well take a punt.

All these risks disappear when you sign up for a Hudson Contract Client Package.

You’re safe from HMRC:  Because every operative is legitimately self-employed and on an ironclad contract, your risk is eliminated.

You’re safe from disgruntled subbie claims:  Because the risk of an employment tribunal claim disappears.  Again, that’s down to the strength and legal standing of our contracts, and your risk is eliminated.

So you have no risk at all:  With your subbies legitimately self-employed and the financial risks of employment status banished, the most visible part of what we do for you is processing your payroll instructions and dealing with tax deductions under CIS. 

This is a service that’s also vitally important when you weigh up risk.  Just think about the many thousands of pounds that go through your payroll.  You can’t be too careful (there are plenty of rogues out there) so it’s reassuring to know that when you choose Hudson Contract you’re protected by a business that’s:

  • Been trading since 1996
  • Is trusted by over 3,500 UK construction companies
  • Has paid over 175,000 subbies.

We hope our unmatched track record (we have remained the market leader in CIS solutions for twenty-three years and counting) sets your mind entirely at rest when you come to consider factors such as trustworthiness and reliability.

And the reassurance doesn’t end here, because from our clients’ point of view, payroll processing is just the tip of the iceberg.  Behind the scenes at Hudson Contract there’s a well-oiled machine designed to keep your business running smoothly – and eliminate risk.

Understand why payroll processing is just the start of the service you get from Hudson Contract – watch the video now

Finally, when you come to compare our service against others, remember, you’ll hear from plenty who say, ‘We’re just like Hudson Contract.’

They might look like us from the outside, but drill down deeper and they are nothing of the sort. It’s like comparing an Aston Martin with a skateboard.  And when the wheels come off, it’s you who’ll be left to face the financial skid marks, not them. 

Your Client Package takes the stress and strain out of your CIS payroll and keeps you safe from tax and employment issues. Guaranteed

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