Anyone can do CIS payroll. But only one business is qualified to make your tax and employment risks disappear

What we do – the nitty gritty

Hudson Contract is well known to HMRC . . . for all the right reasons.  Quite simply, we are the gold standard in legitimate CIS self-employment. 

What we do is best summed up as an audit and CIS contract service. Which might sound dull.  But it is the beating heart of the knowledge, expertise and experience that enables us to eliminate your CIS tax and employment risks, rather than merely managing them. 

Our clients are bulletproof from the perils of using subbies on their sites, not because we say so, but because (unlike others) we have plenty of hard evidence to back us up. 

In technical terms, we act as the ‘engager’, sitting within contracting chains between construction firms and construction freelancers, and we would be classified by HMRC as an employment intermediary or labour provider.  Taking on this role allows us to take responsibility for the employment status risks that would otherwise fall upon the construction firms that do business with us.

Because the most visible part of what we do is handle the payments to the freelancers, and deal with CIS tax deductions, many people refer to us as a CIS payroll firm. But that is just the start.  

Here’s a more detailed picture of the services and support we offer our clients for a small, fixed fee – which also covers payroll processing – all without extra cost:

  • Compliance not avoidance
  • HMRC status guarantee
  • Employment tribunal guarantee
  • Pre HMRC inspection review
  • HMRC reporting and liaison
  • Expert advice
  • CIS compliance safety check
  • Always keeping ahead of legislation changes
  • Claims dispute resolution
  • Fighting for freelancers in construction

More than just a CIS payroll company – our all-round protection is why we are trusted by over 2,500 construction companies and over 72,000 freelancers

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