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Self-employment is never a matter of opinion.  It’s a legal definition, and that is why we have ongoing business partnerships with some of the country’s most able tax and employment lawyers and specialist practitioners. 

Our justification of employment status takes in four separate auditing processes and we have worked in-depth with one of the 'Big Four' auditing firms to ensure our procedures are watertight and meet all HMRC requirements.  As an additional layer of legal surety we have consulted with three members of the Bar Council to ensure compliance.

Looking to the future, we will of course continue to take every measure possible to be certain the service to our clients operates, as it always has, with full compliance of tax laws. 

On a separate note, Hudson Contract continues to work with the Government on self-employment and false self-employment issues, and have contributed to a Labour Party review. From 2012 – 2013, we sat on the Business Challenge Panel considering changes to employment policies at the Department of Business, Innovation & Skills.

Watch the video to see how we prepared for the Onshore Employment Intermediaries provisions and their impact on self-employment status

Hudson Contract anticipates changes in self-employment status legislation – and prepares well in advance – so you don’t have to give it a second thought

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