Time to end the CITB Grant and Levy?

Time to end the CITB Grant and Levy?

13th September 2017 | Hudson Contract

Time to scrap the Levy and find better value-for-money training solutions

Every three years, the Construction Industry Training Board has to prove it has the support of the industry in order to collect the Levy that funds its existence.  This process is known as consent.

Consent is now being sought and this is your chance to have a say.  

The deadline is approaching for you to have your say on the future of the CITB. If you want to stop the levy and grant merry-go-round cast your vote before 29 September 2017.


Time to end the CITB Grant and Levy?

The Construction Industry Training Board is about to ask the government for another three years of levy raising powers.

It will get the thumbs up only if it has the support of the firms that have to pay the levy.

For major contractors, who claim millions in training grants, it can be a revenue stream. But most small businesses see the levy as a tax.

As for the CITB, it spends significant amounts of YOUR levy payments on running costs . . . and research into the future of the levy itself!

As for training . . . small businesses have to pay in without automatic entitlement to grants. So they end up with LESS money to invest in training.

Some even say the CITB distorts the training market and dramatically pushes up prices. 

Small businesses make up 85 per cent of levy payers. So if most of them say NO to three more years, that’s the end of the CITB levy and grant.

However the CITB hopes to tip the balance.  It’s been supported for decades by Consensus Federations. 

The Federations vote on behalf of their members . . . and the CITB thinks it’s unnecessary to send out ballot papers to every levy payer.  

It doesn’t think your voice should count. But then again, the CITB has promised almost £9million to the Federations…

So how can small businesses change the system?  If you’re a Federation member, demand a vote. 

If you’re not a member, you’ll probably be called by IFF Research on behalf of the CITB. That’s your chance to ask how your vote will be cast and make sure your opinion is heard. Don’t forget to ask for a transcript of the call as proof of your vote.

Together, we can make access to training fairer for everyone. 

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