How will YOUR business benefit from the new Apprenticeship Levy?

How will YOUR business benefit from the new Apprenticeship Levy?

30th June 2017 | Hudson Contract

Apprenticeships are crucial to enticing new talent into the construction industry, providing the perfect environment for people to kick-start their careers. The combination of practical guidance and on-the-job training and the skills learned at college, give apprentices a solid foundation for working in the trades.

The new Apprentice Levy is now up and running and it is now time to start claiming the grants and getting future generations into the construction industry.


How will YOUR business benefit from the new Apprenticeship Levy?

Well, if your payroll’s under £3 million a year, you’re not expected to pay it at all. And from now on, it’ll probably cost you LESS to train an apprentice.

If you’ve got fewer than 50 employees, you’ll pay NOTHING towards the training of 16 to 18-year-olds. Or if you have an older apprentice, you only have to pay ten per cent.

For those who have started to pay the levy, now is the time to access your funding through the government’s Digital Apprentice Scheme (DAS).

Funds expire after 24 months so don’t forget to claim your share!

As if that wasn’t enough incentive, the government will add an EXTRA 10% on top for you!

So that’s GOOD news. 

As we pay the levy through our Hudson PAYE Services . . . we can access funding too and support apprentices.

We’ve already started working with leading building colleges to decide the best way forward.

We will select colleges that are construction specialists, providing nationwide access to training and apprenticeships.

We will let you know as soon as we have further details.

Meanwhile, Hudson Contract continues to support 20 apprentices EVERY year.

We give employers 50 per cent in sponsorship towards employment costs for the first 12 months of their apprentice’s training.

To date, we’ve sponsored over NINETY apprentices. And more are on the way.

It’s something we’re proud of . . . because building the FUTURE of construction is definitely money well spent.