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Instant Online Contract Health Check

Are you currently at risk?

Employment status is a minefield, the smallest things can catch you out.

If HMRC decides your workforce looks more like employees than subbies, they will not only impose fines but also seek to recover the loss in Employers and Employees National Insurance, plus any loss in PAYE tax.

This Contract Health Check will let you know quickly – and confidentially – if you are putting your business at risk.

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Free Contract Health Check

Why take the risk?

With salaries and wages usually responsible for the lion’s share of outgoings, many firms seek to reduce overheads by reviewing their employment policies.  But tax and employment law is a minefield, especially in construction, and the cost of getting your contracts wrong could be devastating.

Whether high, medium or low, a risk is still a risk.  Even self-employment contracts prepared in all good faith by professionals can fall foul of HMRC.  As for downloading a contract from the internet, that’s just playing with fire!

When you appoint us to contract the service of freelance operatives, you can be assured of these three essentials:

1. Hudson Contract meets your need for absolute tax and employment compliance

2. The freelance operatives you need will be contracted lawfully in accordance with our accredited audit procedures

3. Your payment instructions will be delivered without fail on the day you request and with complete accuracy

Hudson Contract clients eliminate their tax and employment risks. Guaranteed.

If you are concerned about your current arrangements or just want to know more, book an appointment today

Can you afford the fine if HMRC decides your self-employed operatives are non-compliant?

Run your numbers through our liability calculator and see how big a risk you are taking.

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