The Hudson Contract Apprenticeship Scheme


David Jackson (Founder & Chairman, Hudson Contract)

Craig Butcher (Owner, Craig S Butcher, Plumbing & Heating)

Rt Hon Sir Greg Knight (MP for East Yorkshire)

Tom Hart (Managing Director, Springvale Homes)

Ian Woodhouse (Owner, Woodhouse & Waines)

Ben Brewins (Owner, General Electrical)


Video Transcript

David Jackson - The scheme is as simple as this, once there is an offer of an apprenticeship and it's accepted Hudson Contract are simply paying half of the first year's wages.

Craig Butcher – The Hudson Contract scheme helps by helping me be able to employ Danielle while she's at work and learning the trade, obviously her wages would come out of my profit.

Sir Greg Knight - So I'm delighted that the Government are moving apprenticeships higher up the agenda and that companies like Hudson Contract value and appreciate just how much we need to encourage young people to become apprentices to learn their trade.  And it benefits the apprentice because it's there in the history books people who are qualified earn more money than those who are not qualified.

David Jackson – Simply tell the firm that accepts the apprentice, send us a bill and we will pay it

Tom Hart - With the funding and support from Hudson Contract it's enabled me to take apprentices on and hopefully bring them forward to give them the chances I have had

Ian Woodhouse - I'll be honest my first reaction was what's the catch and basically all you do at the end of the month you send an invoice in and within the week it’s paid

Ben Brewins - The Hudson Contact apprenticeship scheme is very efficient, run very well, very simple.

David Jackson – If you get the opportunity to try and get more firms to sponsor young people in their training and their apprenticeships and their futures, not only will construction flourish but firms will flourish from their input and their enthusiasm and of course the young people will get to start in life that they need.

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