Plumber Alice is a role model for self-employed women

Plumber Alice is a role model for self-employed women

15th March 2024 | Hudson Contract

Plumber Alice Illidge

Self-employed plumber Alice Illidge is encouraging other young women to learn a trade and enjoy the benefits of a flexible and rewarding career. 

Instead of going to university and building up debt, she did an apprenticeship in property maintenance and went to work for a housing association. 

But after becoming a mother she found the travel difficult and decided to set up her own business called Little Miss Plumbing and Heating. 

Alice, now 28, earns more money than before and can balance the demands of work with being a mum. 

She told The Sun: “I want other women to know that, while plumbing may be a male-dominated industry, there are plenty of opportunities for women.

“Don’t let the stereotypes put you off pursuing what you’re passionate about. 

“So many of my customers are women and older people that appreciate being able to call a female plumber.”

Proud mum Julie Young told Hudson Contract: “There’s not enough young people who go into the trades these days. They should go ahead and do it.

“Alice followed in my dad’s footsteps as a heating engineer. He would be really proud of her.”

Hudson’s latest pay trends data show self-employed plumbing contractors earned an average of £1,242 per week during February. 


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Credit: Facebook/Little Miss Plumbing and Heating