Why did Hudson Contract give away £35,000 in 2014?

Why did Hudson Contract give away £35,000 in 2014?

18th February 2015 | Hudson Contract

When we launched the Hudson Contract Reward Programme, we anticipated giving away a few thousand pounds every year.

“It turns out we seriously under-budgeted,” says Chairman David Jackson. “But we couldn’t be more delighted!

“Last year, we handed out Rewards totalling over £35,000 to 85 clients, accountants and freelance builders, making the average Reward just over £400 for passing on our details. As always, we are delighted that the word-of-mouth on the Hudson Contract service is so positive, and we would far rather grow our client base in this way, than by shelling out large sums on advertising and marketing.”

And the record Reward?

We have just given £4,956 to an accountant in the Midlands who referred a client to us. “Increasingly, accountants prefer to protect their construction certainty of a Hudson Contract,” says David Jackson. “They recognise that our contracts are watertight and guaranteed, and that HMRC status risks and employment tribunal challenges are actually eliminated, rather than managed.”

During 2014, cash continued to be the most popular way of claiming the Reward, followed by the selection of wine.

You next?

With construction back on the up, this is an excellent time to get referring. Perhaps there are new firms in your area, or old ones starting up again. If you’re happy with Hudson Contract, just mention us to your contacts, let them know we’ll be giving them a call, then give us their details. If they decide to transact with us, you will be due a Reward. See here for more details.