Hudson Contract: Annual Update

Hudson Contract: Annual Update

21st April 2015 | Hudson Contract

It’s that time of year again – at Hudson Contract, we do a spot of number-crunching every April, and take stock of our client list. So what has changed in the past tax year?

The good news is that we have welcomed an additional 325 new clients to the Hudson Contract family. Of these, almost 40% are based in London and the South-East, a sign of the region’s multiplying number of projects and sites.

Also noteworthy is that fact that nearly 50% of our new clients fall within these three trades:

  1. General builders: 23% (-6% on last year)
  2. Civil engineers: 15% (+4%)
  3. Electricians: 10% (+3%)

Once again, recommendations from our existing clients, accountants and freelance operatives (and, of course, UCATT) have generated roughly 50% of all new business.

“It ‘s great to know the solutions and levels of service we offer our clients is sufficiently high to prompt them to continue recommending us to their own clients, colleagues, family and friends, year after year,” comments Hudson Contract Managing Director Ian Anfield. “Nothing beats word of mouth, and every time it happens we enjoy the compliment we have been given.”

On the other hand, we’ve been sorry to have had to say goodbye to thirty clients whose businesses closed and/or went into administration.

Fewer firms forced out of business during the past 12 months

Ian Anfield adds: “Losing any client is disappointing, especially when it happens due to circumstances beyond their control. The better news is that there’s a definite slowdown in the number of companies forced into administration.

“Statistics from the Insolvency Service and the Office of National Statistics confirm the trend we’re seeing at Hudson Contract, with 672 construction firms in compulsory liquidations Quarter One, dropping to 580 in Quarter Four.”

Once again, thank you to everyone who has recommended Hudson Contract to others in construction. To find out more about our Rewards Scheme and how you can benefit, click here.

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