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Getting started is easy

We know, life is busy enough without having to make time for yet another meeting.  But chew on this: 

Who would you rather comes knocking at your office door first:  an HMRC Inspector or your local Hudson Contract Client Services Manager?

Our people won’t try to catch you out.  Quite the opposite.  If you already use subbies we’ll start by giving your current contracts an expert once-over and let you have an on-the-spot expert assessment of any areas of risk or concern.  Or if you’re new to CIS we’ll walk you through the most common mistakes construction companies make so you can be sure to avoid them in future.

Whatever the situation we’ll tell you about the range of safety-first CIS business models on offer exclusively from Hudson Contract and pinpoint which are right for you.  There’s no one-size-fits-all contract – that’s where it’s easy to go wrong –  because circumstances vary from business to business and from subbie to subbie.

What about other providers?  Our video talks you through the things to look out for so you don't get caught out.

Then (provided you’re eligible to become a Hudson Contract client) you can be certain you’ll never have anything to fear from HMRC status investigations or employment tribunal litigation.  We guarantee it.

For now, all you need to do is call us or fill in this form.  If you’ve got questions we’ll answer them right away.  Then – if you want us to – we can get a meeting in the diary. 

We don’t do hard sell, that’s not our style.  And we never over promise.  We’ll simply give you the full facts about the service we offer and the business and financial protection we deliver.  Then it’s up to you to decide if Hudson Contract represents good value. 

You’ll be our client, not our prisoner

And if you decide to accept your Hudson Contract Client Package?  Just like you, we believe flexibility in construction is business-critical.  So you’ll never be locked into a long-term contract.  Just use us – or not – from week to week as circumstances dictate. 

We'll get you up and running fast

You’ll receive all the right paperwork, plus a straightforward software package so you can input payment instructions.  We pay by BACS, send freelancers texts and paper statements and make sure you have invoices for your records, plus details of any HMRC reporting requirements.

A good idea to contact us. . .
before HMRC come looking for YOU?

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If you have an immediate requirement, fill in your details and we still call you back.

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Request a callback

If you have an immediate requirement, fill in your details and we will call you back.

Request a callback

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