Hudson Contract paid out nearly £20,000 in rewards for referrals last year

Hudson Contract paid out nearly £20,000 in rewards for referrals last year

30th January 2023 | Hudson Contract

We know the value of word-of-mouth recommendations in the construction industry. That’s why we reward referrals to our Trustpilot-rated excellent service, whether they come from subbies, clients or accountants.

Last year, Hudson Contract paid out nearly £20,000 in rewards for referrals. The largest single payment was £2,025, which a client happily received in high street vouchers.

In 2022, we paid out £11,917.50 in high street vouchers (John Lewis, Waitrose and Amazon being the most popular), £7,800 in invoices to invest back into businesses, £120 in wine vouchers and a sum towards the Ukraine humanitarian appeal.

There is no limit to the number of times you can refer or the number of rewards you can earn, as you can see from these figures.

Tens of thousands of subbies like using Hudson Contract and many take us with them as they move from client to client because they know they are going to get paid on time, every time.

Referring is easy
1 You refer a construction business to us.
2 Once that business has engaged with Hudson for 10 weeks, we’ll pay you £50 per subbie (taken from the average number of subbies over that 10-week period).
3 We send you a cheque or voucher to spend however you like.

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Remember, you will be helping to protect your business contacts from the risks of HMRC and employment tribunals by introducing them to us. More than 2,600 construction companies and 72,000 self-employed tradespeople place their trust in Hudson.

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