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Construction Pay Trends

National Average
Pay Per Week

for All Trades and All Age Groups

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The figure is the average over 36 months

Hudson Contract gives you hard figures and earnings data that is not available from any other source. The numbers are compiled every month from the day-by-day information we receive from our clients.

Just click on one of the ten regions on the map below.  The big number you see above shows the average weekly earnings for a labour-only subbie in that region over the past three years.

Then scroll down to see how average weekly earnings have fluctuated over the past three years

Or you can search by specific trends and/or age groups by using the boxes at the top of the page

Further commentary can be found on our Resource Hub.

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National Pay Trend

  • 3 Year Average Pay per Week
  • For all Trades
  • For all Age Groups

Click on the graph to see the average pay for an individual month.
If there is a gap in months, no data was available for this period.

Period currently covered is June 2019 to May 2022. Data is updated following the end of the previous month.