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Welcome to our subcontractors’ area – we hope you find it a useful resource.

We understand the importance of being paid on time, every time and having the information you need so you can plan your finances. If you have provided us with a mobile number when signing your Hudson contract we will be texting you with payment information each time we process a payment for you. We will also use text to inform you of other important information.

If you need help or have a query please get in touch on 01262 401040, we will be happy to help. Our lines are open Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm, or you can complete our contact form so we can get in touch at a convenient time for you.

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Access your tax statements

To comply with CIS regulations, we produce CIS payment and deduction statements at the end of each month. The statements, which will be posted to the address you gave on your contract, have to be produced after the 6th of the month covering any payments made during the month.

If you would like to see your payment statements after each and every payment rather than waiting for the month end, you can sign up online with Hudson Connect. If you would like to save trees or don’t like waiting for the postman, Hudson Connect includes a paperless option so statements are emailed rather than posted.

A paper end-of-year tax summary will be sent to anyone receiving a payment during the year as soon as the tax year ends on 6 April.

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Got a question?

Call 01262 401040 or complete our contact form

Our subbie helpline is open 08:00–17:00 Monday to Friday

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Earn Rewards – Refer us to your contacts

Lots of subcontractors like using Hudson and many take us with them from firm to firm. If you move on to a client who does not use Hudson, we will reward you for introducing us. 

It’s really simple:
1 Refer a construction company to us by passing our details to them or theirs to us
2 For every company that signs up and uses our services, we will pay you £50 per subbie engaged by Hudson as a result of your referral*
3 We’ll send you a cheque or voucher to spend however you like.

Tell us who you want to refer by calling Hudson on 0800 054 1127 and we’ll do the rest.

Click here for more information

*Based on the average number of subbies paid after 10 weeks of transacting.

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Useful phone numbers and websites

HMRC - Obtain a Unique Tax Reference (UTR) number
0300 200 3310
HMRC - Register your UTR number for the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)
0300 200 3210
National Insurance Self-Employed Helpline
0300 200 3500
File your Self Assessment tax return


How do I change my personal details with Hudson?

If you move home or have a new phone number, please call us on 01262 401040. If your bank details have changed, please let us know in writing via your client or directly to us: 1 Mill Lane, Bridlington YO16 7AP. Please quote your UTR and sign the letter. Or call us and request a change of details form and we will email it to you.

How much does Hudson cost?

We charge our client, not you, so any agreement to offset fees against payments is strictly negotiated between you and your client. The only deduction we make from you will be any deductions at the rates set by HMRC.

How do I access my tax statements?

Hudson Connect is your free online portal that allows you to view, print and email your statements whenever you like. It keeps your statements for four years and also allows you to store records, including skills cards and training certificates, all in one handy place. It will even notify you when those cards are due to expire. Go to and select Sign Up. It's quick and easy, you just need your National Insurance number, date of birth and CIS/UTR Number as entered on your contract.

When will I get paid?

The client will advise us about your payment and we’ll send you a text message stating the net figure going into your account. You are welcome to call us Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm on 01262 401040 to see if we have more information.

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