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How much?

Our standard rate is £16 per operative, per week.

How Much?

You can eliminate your liability for just £16 per operative per week – with no start-up fee, no period of notice and no charge if you don't transact

We know our clients need flexibility, so that’s what we deliver:  an open arrangement that you can walk away from, or put on hold, whenever you want, without penalty, set-up costs or cancellation charges.  Use ten self-employed operatives one week, and pay for ten . . . if you only need five subbies the following week, pay for five.  Simple!

We don’t price match, because in our experience, companies that do, leave themselves open to the temptation of cutting operational corners. 

We prefer to provide service of the highest standard, access to the best advice, and a cast-iron guarantee.

The value of Hudson Contract

What’s the minimum commitment I have to make in order to try out Hudson Contract?

Zero. It’s an open arrangement and you can walk away from it whenever you want, without penalty. We know our clients need flexibility, so that’s what we deliver.

How many contractors and sub-contractors use your service?

We have over 2,000+ construction clients nationwide. To date, we have contracted and paid over 150,000 individuals under CIS, all of whom – without exception – have been verified and accepted by HMRC

Do freelance operatives receive a pay advice from Hudson Contract?

Yes. We send them a text after each payment, plus a detailed statement, posted at the end of every tax month.

How do you ensure the freelance operatives get paid?

Our banking partners – Barclays PLC – deliver thousands of individual payments to freelance operatives’ bank accounts every day. Provided our clients process the payment instructions at the appropriate time (and so long as freelance operatives keep us informed of any bank account changes), Hudson Contract guarantees delivery of their payment on the agreed contracted day.  

How reliable is your service?

In our entire history, we have never missed a single payment. What's more we also have two back up processes behind our principal method of making payments.

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So much more than just a payroll company

We are experts in CIS and HMRC employer compliance reviews.  We are fighters for freelancers, sticklers for compliance, business risk eliminators, claims dispute resolvers and representatives at employment tribunals. 

We are more than just a payroll company.

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