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Our CIS solutions ensure you don’t become a casualty of the CIS minefield



Compliance: It has never been more essential

HMRC Compliance and Status Inspections

If you pay operatives under CIS you could be taking a huge risk. No matter whether you use a payroll company, rely on an agency/umbrella arrangement, or have a contract drawn up by your advisors in all good faith, if your contract fails to stand up to scrutiny, HMRC penalties and fines could put your company out of business. 

It’s different for Hudson Contract clients.  Our unique legal standing means we have case law on our side, and that is why we are the only company in the country able to offer clients a genuine guarantee.

When you join the Hudson Contract family the financial risks of failing an HMRC status investigation disappear.  It really is that straightforward.  And because HMRC can go back six years, we will look back at your records and help you deal with any potential danger.  It’s all part of our service and it doesn’t cost you a penny extra.

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We fight your battles so you don’t have to

Can Hudson Contract prevent HMRC status inspections?

No-one can prevent HMRC from inspecting your records and anyone who claims to be able to block status inspections should be given a wide berth.  What Hudson Contract does is to eliminate the fear of the inspection and ensure it has no financial consequences for you or your business.

Can I be certain Hudson Contract clients are bulletproof?

Here’s what HMRC said to one of our clients after a recent inspection:

“A large number of workers are provided through Hudson Contract. The information you have provided confirms the transfer and continuing engagement of these workers is in line with Hudson Contract’s usual practices. There is therefore no employment status for me to consider.” 

We have countless examples and client testimonials to prove that with Hudson Contract, you get what you have paid for: a secure self-employment solution that is guaranteed.

Am I liable should HMRC ever rule the arrangement is illegal?

No. Hudson Contract guarantees you fully against the financial consequences if our contract should ever fail an HMRC investigation. It has never failed, but if it should, we would pay for the legal team to argue the case and pay the fine if we were to lose.

If you currently use another provider or a contract provided by a third party, be sure to ask them this same question, and get them to confirm the answer in writing.

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