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No claim brought against us at employment tribunal has ever been successful

16 cases, 16 victories, 100% committed to our clients

Employment Law

Since 1996, Hudson Contract has formally responded to over 100 employment tribunal claims made against us. The overwhelming majority are dropped long before they reach a hearing when claimants – or their solicitors – realise their allegations are unfounded.  And on the occasions when a claim has gone the distance, we have been on the winning side, every time.

In 2013, fees were introduced to bring a tribunal case, resulting in a dramatic fall in the number of claims being brought.  But in 2017, the Supreme Court scrapped fees, ruling they were ‘inconsistent with access to justice’ and reopening the floodgates.

Watch our two-minute Employment Tribunal guide to assess the risk to your business 

Hudson Contract protects you from the stress and expense of being taken to employment tribunal.

Can Hudson Contract prevent employment tribunal claims?

No company can prevent someone taking you to tribunal. But at Hudson Contract, our clients are protected from all the financial consequences.  We can’t stop these claims being raised (self-employed operatives can – and now with no fees to pay upfront – take contractors to tribunal), but we take away the stress of dealing with them so far as our clients are concerned.  Under our guarantee, we pay the full legal costs of every claim that affects our clients.

Surely any company can defend employment tribunal claims?

Third-party providers often stall, and when a case continues towards a tribunal hearing, their clients discover they are on their own.  Cases typically cost at least £6,000. We know of one where the ‘solution provider’ washed their hands of a claim, even though their website clearly stated that they provided full cover for employment and tax laws. Hudson Contract's guarantee is for real.  We never leave our clients in the lurch.

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