The Hudson Contract Story

David Jackson (Founder and Chairman)


Ian Anfield (Managing Director)

Video Transcript 


David Jackson - 

When I first started the business I was literally working from a single brick outbuilding at the bottom of my garden I had to extend that out building as the business grew before we eventually moved to the premises that we currently occupy but I literally started it from a shed down at the bottom of my garden.


We started as a small regional business i was subcontracting on a regional basis and my client base, initially, was in this region the region of East Yorkshire.  When the business service started to become better known and in particular when we’d met the challenges of justification we are able to roll the business first of all across the North of England and then eventually across the whole of the UK


Ian Anfield - 

I studied civil engineering in the early 90s I worked for some of the major contractors. I was sponsored through my training with Balfour Beatty and I spent 17 years working my way up through the ranks from being a site engineer to a project manager. When Dave Jackson came to me in 2007 and explained what had happened with the business and how he’d just had the High Court ruling through and that things are really taking off then really that was the time if I was going to join Hudson Contract you know that was the time to do it.


David Jackson - 

I think an honest company's one that's open to scrutiny whether that scrutiny from a potential client, a potential clients accountant, whether it's from a statutory authority, whether it's from the judiciary, we are always prepared to be open in justifying the service that we provide and we provide it day in day out since 1996.