The Hudson Contract Guarantee

News and Views | 3rd January 2017


David Jackson (Founder and Chairman)

Ian Anfield (Managing Director)


Video Transcript 

Ian Anfield - 

The Hudson Contract guarantee is out track record paying over a hundred thousand different sub-contractors without any of them being reclassified as either employees or workers by employment tribunals or by HMRC


Quote -

I would highly recommend Hudson Contract purely because I have been getting paid by Hudson Contract for the last 10 years and I’ve never had any problems. If it's not broke don't fix it 


David Jackson - 

It’s the same surety that we were asked to give back in 1996 when we first started the business. The business owner-manager needs to know they can rely on Hudson Contract taking the responsibility. It’s the same responsibility we take today that we took from the very beginning.


Ian Anfield -  

Becoming a client of Hudson gives you access to the advice from the big four accountancy firms and leading council because that’s what we use when we are taking a proactive stance to legislative change.


Quote -

They are the best, I have looked at other contracts that other firms use, they are not a patch on Hudson Contract.


Quote -

Hudson Contract is a simple, easy way to guarantee you're going to be secure and paid every Friday


Ian Anfield -  

I mean you could almost step on to any construction site in the UK and there’d be somebody who is or has been contracted by Hudson Contract. 

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