Hudson Contract: Strong, fit and ready for change

David Jackson | 18th March 2014

Hudson Contract is geared up to meet the challenge of new legislation restricting self-employment in construction that are expected to be announced in Chancellor Osborne’s March 19th budget.

“The new rules will probably come into effect next month,” says Hudson Contract Managing Director David Jackson. “We will take – and are already taking – every measure possible to ensure the service to our clients continues, as always, with full compliance of tax and employment laws.”

To prepare for the upcoming changes, Hudson Contract has already:

  • Conducted an all-embracing ‘fit for purpose’ review
  • Invested substantially in external expertise to improve audit procedures, compliance and accounting software

“We have also carried out a full business review,” adds David Jackson. “One of the most interesting statistics to emerge is that over the past nine years, we have accounted to HMRC for over £1.1 billion in CIS tax and VAT for over 145,000 operatives. We have also clocked-up nineteen judgements in case law and maintained our 100% ASA-verified record of successful employment tribunal outcomes.”

With the business year drawing to a close at the end of the month Hudson Contract can also confirm growth at every level:

  • We have added 390 new clients to our portfolio
  • Over 25,000 operatives have contracted through Hudson Contract
  • Meanwhile, 19,700 have moved on elsewhere, demonstrating the ebb and flow you would expect amongst those who are self-employed
  • Turnover shows a dramatic increase of around 30%, due in part to average payments increasing as construction around the UK picks up
  • When our accounts are published for this our eighteenth year, the strength of the company will be further confirmed

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