HMRC Compliance and Status Inspections

If you pay operatives under CIS you could be taking a huge risk. No matter whether you use a payroll company, rely on an agency/umbrella arrangement, or have a contract drawn up by your advisors in all good faith, if your contract fails to stand up to scrutiny, HMRC penalties and fines could put your company out of business. 


It can happen at any time. An envelope arrives in the post to notify you HMRC is going to carry out a status inspection on your business.

HMRC know that construction firms often use self-employed labour and reclassifying them as employees can be easy pickings, raising much needed cash for the exchequer.

HMRC has more data about your business than ever before, they can see who, when and how much you pay. So should you be concerned?

Compliance is essential. But unfortunately the Construction Industry Scheme is complicated and the rules frequently change.

The consequences of getting it wrong are undeniable. The fines and penalties that HMRC sometimes impose can be devastating and run into the tens of thousands.

Failing a status inspection has been enough to put some firms out of business altogether.

But there’s no need to worry.

Quite simply, we eliminate the risk of getting CIS wrong and ensure there are never any financial consequences for you or your firm.

That means no fines or penalties.

We’ll even give you a written Hudson Contract guarantee. Because our clients receive clean bills of compliance every time.

Don’t wait for HMRC to come knocking. Talk to Hudson Contract now and you’ll never have to worry again.

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