Celebrating Construction as a Career Choice

At the end of January, Hudson Contract will be holding an event on its Yorkshire home turf that celebrates construction as a career – and shines the spotlight on many of the apprentices we have sponsored in the past five years.

Hudson Contract Founder and Chairman David Jackson says:  “With a lifetime of working in the construction industry I remain passionate about championing our industry as a great place to work and doing everything I can to make it a profession of choice for young people today.  We are all aware of the skills shortage in construction, making it even more vital that we, as an industry, take note and do our bit to help.”

The Hudson Contract Apprenticeship Scheme provides a simple but effective solution to 20 local firms and their apprentices each year.  We provide a scholarship worth £2,600 for each apprentice to help them through their first year in the industry.  To date, we supported over 80 local apprentices in trades including bricklaying, plumbing, electrical and joinery. You can find out more at here.

Look out for a report of our special event in next month’s eNews.

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