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Research shows the CITB is increasingly irrelevant to an industry striving for growth

Recent research released today shows independent polling data demonstrating the minimal impact of the CITB despite its collecting almost £200m in levy from the sector.

8th December 2016
Ask the expert

Autumn Statement 2016

25th November 2016

David Jackson

Founder & Chairman

Ask the expert - David Jackson

The Risk of entering in to a sham payroll contract

What could this mean to you?

17th November 2016

Freelance Builder Pay Trends: October 2016

Welcome to our new – and even more informative – pay trends.

9th November 2016

Ian Anfield

Managing Director

Ask the expert - Ian Anfield

Hudson Contract Apprenticeship Sponsorship Scheme: 20th Anniversary Update

Our two winners – Joe and Jordan – are now two months into their training, so we asked them for a progress report.

8th November 2016

Payroll company offering a cashback?

Payroll company offering a cashback? Victor said YES. Now he's in jail.

1st November 2016

Major Review of Industrial Training Boards

Former chief construction adviser appointed to review the UK’s industry training boards, including the CITB.

26th October 2016

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