Why Choose Construction

Why Choose Construction

3rd April 2017 | Hudson Contract


Ian Billyard (Principal, Leeds College of Building)

Danielle Sharpe (Apprentice, Craig S Butcher Plumbing & Heating)

Jordan Forsdyke (Apprentice, General Electrical)

George Atkinson (Apprentice, NS Building Services)

Ian Anfield (Managing Director, Hudson Contract)

Ben Trelogan-Dunn (Previous Apprentice)

Thomas Woodhouse (Apprentice, Woodhouse & Waines)

Regan Hewitt (Apprentice, Mandx Partners Ltd)

Rt Hon Sir Greg Knight (MP for East Yorkshire)




Ian Billyard – I think constructions a fantastic career really it's so varied but also I think that you can actually see the fruits of your labour.  You know that you're involved on a project that's going to be there for 40, 60, a 100 years so you can actually you know look at it in the future and say I was involved in actually constructing that.

Danielle Sharpe - I think someone leaving school at sixteen should go into the construction industry purely because it's something you'll always have.

Jordan Forsdyke - Every day it's a different thing, it's always hands. On the site you are never doing same thing

George Atkinson - If you just went straight into the building without the apprenticeship you wouldn't know the old tricks and skills.

Ian Anfield - If you want to become a tradesman, an engineer, a designer the best way to get started now is with an apprenticeship

Ben Trelogan-Dunn – Working away long hours, I would say, getting up at six in the morning and back to the digs at seven o'clock at night was quite hard and then doing it all again the next day throughout the week is very difficult.  But well then it's quite rewarding obviously money-wise.

Jordan Forsdyke - If a young person is just leaving school I recommend the join the construction industry because it's never ever a boring workplace. You are always with people different people, very friendly people, you always constantly learning, constantly using your hands

Danielle Sharpe - I wish I had gone into it 16 and I've been so far along now

Thomas Woodhouse - I think people should consider a career in construction because it's a good trade to be in and there's always houses to build.

Regan Hewitt - Young people should go into the construction industry because it's better than going to university and getting into debt and you can learn and earn

Sir Greg Knight - So to any young apprentice I would say stick with it because you will be earning more money throughout the rest of your working career when you have qualified.


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