Why are so many construction companies eager to join the Hudson Contract family?

Why are so many construction companies eager to join the Hudson Contract family?

17th June 2015 | Hudson Contract

Useful information for everyone who wants to win a Reward

Hudson Contract takes on new clients virtually every day of the week. And as you probably know, many of them arrive via word of mouth, with our cash Rewards program a way to say ‘thank you’ for the recommendation.

But why – exactly – do so many construction companies decide to do business with us? And what are their commercial concerns? We’ve just carried out a survey with some of our newest clients, and here’s what they had to say:

What’s prompted you to find out more about Hudson Contract?

  • “I live in fear that HMRC will tell me my lads have to be on the books.”
  • “My accountant says you’re the best way to protect me from tax and employment risks.”
  • “Someone I know has been fined by HMRC.”
  • “I’m with one of your competitors, but I don’t like the way they’re dealing with the Onshore Employment Intermediaries legislation.”
  • “HMRC is going to do a compliance check.”
  • “The lads use my vans and equipment so I’m concerned about compliance.”
  • “I know Hudson Contract's been in business for nineteen years, and that you’ve got the best reputation of all.”
  • “A former subbie has just hit me with a claim for holiday pay. If that keeps happening, I’ll be out of business.”

How do you think we are best able to help your business?

  • “I’ve already experienced the Hudson Contract service as a subbie and now I’m setting up a new company.”
  • "My existing arrangements leave me feeling a bit nervous, because it’s so easy to make mistakes.”
  • "The paperwork associated with paying subbies is driving me insane! Please will you take it away?”
  •  “I’m scared my entire business will be at risk if HMRC knocks on the door. With Hudson Contract, I know that I’m fully protected.”
  •  “I’m going to lose my business unless I do something to increase my profitability.”
  •  “The way you guarantee to protect us from tax and insurance risks. . . and the fact that we know it’s not just words.”

Earning Rewards is easy

If any of these quotes ring a bell or make you think of friends, family and contacts who work in construction, please let them know Hudson Contract might be the solution to their worries and concerns and ask if it’s ok to pass on their details.

Then just call us on 01262 401040 with the details or click here to send us an email.

You’ll earn £50 per operative engaged by Hudson Contract as a result of your referral, paid after ten weeks of transacting. So if your contact has an average of ten subbies, that’s a cheque for £500 with your name on it – and our thanks!

There’s no limit to the amount of the Reward you can earn or number of times you can refer.

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