Thank you for the trust you place in Hudson Contract – and for letting us know

Thank you for the trust you place in Hudson Contract – and for letting us know

14th June 2017 | Hudson Contract

Everyone at Hudson Contract takes great pride in ensuring our clients receive a first class service and that our knowledge and expertise is freely available at all times.

Hudson Contract Managing Director Ian Anfield says:  “No matter whether we speak to someone once a week, once a month or only once a year, we are always aware of the trust they put in us to deliver their audit and contract CIS service.  We know we have to fully deliver on our peace-of-mind guarantees.  And we make sure we do.”

Having said that, it’s always great when someone confirms we’re getting it right . . . and we thought we’d share some of our recent feedback:

"Over the last couple of years, the service has been second to none.  Your payroll staff are very helpful, friendly and efficient.  On the odd occasion when we were late sending over the sub-contractor details, you checked in with me – and saved my bacon!  I’ll definitely continue to recommend Hudson Contract."

"Everyone at Hudson gives the best customer service I’ve ever come across in any business."

"Thank you for your assistance on the phone and kind offer to guide me through my first Hudson experience!  I feel totally reassured with you as my contact and your willingness to assist me."

"Thanks and best regards to all for all you do. You ladies are one hundred per cent!"

"The service runs like clockwork and I rarely have any problems or queries.  On the odd occasion that I’ve called the office, the girls were helpful, friendly and accommodating.  Whatever issue I have, I trust Hudson to help me."

"We may not sound it sometimes, but we are very grateful that you are so flexible with us."

"We are very satisfied with and have already happily recommended you to others."

And our message to these clients?  Thank YOU!

Rewarding you and your friends!

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