Supporting construction for 25 years

Supporting construction for 25 years

30th April 2021 | Hudson Contract

Hudson to sponsor 25 apprentices for 25 clients across the UK

We have all come a long way since 1996 when our founder and chairman David Jackson created a solution to the problem of how the self-employed are taxed in construction. Since then, we have helped thousands of small and medium-sized companies comply with wave after wave of tax and employment legislation. Our approach was ground-breaking and it took many years of legal battles for the Revenue to accept the Hudson model.

In 2021, Hudson is the most trusted source of compliance services to the construction industry and the only provider with case law in its name. Our message is simple: we deal with CIS, tax and employment compliance so our clients can get on with growing their businesses. Our clients have risk-free access to the self-employed subcontractors who make up the most highly skilled and productive pool of resource in the industry to help deliver the housing and infrastructure that Britain needs.

Hudson might be in a field of many, but we are in a class of one. We are proud to stand up for your interests and fight back against the establishment on your behalf. To celebrate our 25th anniversary and say a big thank you to all of our supporters, Hudson Contract is to sponsor 25 apprentices for 25 clients across England and Wales. We will meet half of their wage costs for the first year because we believe in creating opportunities for young people to gain trade skills and develop rewarding careers for themselves, their families and their communities.

This month all clients are receiving a little ‘thank you’ from Hudson in the post which details how they can apply for apprentice sponsorship - it’s first come first served so don’t hang around.

Hudson has operated the simple but effective Apprentice sponsorship scheme in its seaside hometown of Bridlington and neighbouring Scarborough for the last decade. More than 170 young men and women have “earned while they learned” in the programme and many have become self-employed tradespeople.

From the first week in May we celebrate our anniversary by giving a helping hand to the next generation of skilled tradespeople, the entrepreneurs of the future. 

From our team to yours, here's to the next 25 years!

25 years protecting your business