Sue earns £160 in M&S vouchers

Sue earns £160 in M&S vouchers

21st September 2023 | Hudson Contract

Sue Richards is planning a shopping trip to high street favourite Marks & Spencer after referring an industry contact to Hudson Contract.

The office manager at Wolverhampton-based IMD Construction passed our details to a groundworks subcontractor who wanted to set up his own business.

Sue had been encouraging him to start working for himself and knew we could help.

To express our gratitude, we sent her M&S vouchers worth £160.

Ian Anfield, managing director, said: “We would like to thank Sue for referring to Hudson Contract. 

“It’s always great to hear when subbies use their skills and contacts to set up their own businesses.

“Construction creates opportunities for people to get ahead in life.

“We are here to help them to succeed.”

Sue Richards

Last year, Hudson Contract handed out nearly £20,000 in rewards for eligible referrals. Referrers can choose rewards including retail vouchers, a fine wine selection, a day at the races, theatre tickets or a charitable donation of their choice.

Referring is easy
1 You refer a construction business to us.
2 Once that business has engaged with Hudson for 10 weeks, we’ll pay you £50 per subbie (taken from the average number of subbies over that 10-week period).
3 We’ll send you that money as a cheque. Or, if you’d prefer, you can claim our wine, theatre ticket or race day vouchers and treat yourself, friends or colleagues.

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