So what do you REALLY think about the Construction Industry Training Board?

So what do you REALLY think about the Construction Industry Training Board?

13th March 2017 | Hudson Contract

There’s still time for you to influence Government policy on whether or not the industry should continue to pay into the CITB.

It’s the first time in decades that those who are at the ‘sharp end’ of construction have been given the chance to comment on the effectiveness of the CITB – and a genuine opportunity to shape its future.

“Hudson Contract’s position is clear,” says Managing Director Ian Anfield.  “Everyone, even the CITB itself, agrees reform is necessary, and the government is now drawing up changes.  The CITB’s own accounts show most grants go to large businesses, not least because the big firms have staff to do the endless paperwork required.

“Most of our clients don’t have that luxury, and train their workforce at their own expense, while also being required to fund the CITB.  We think that’s unfair, so we welcome this opportunity for smaller firms to have an input into the future role of the CITB.  After all, construction relies on medium, small and micro-sized businesses, so it’s only fair their training needs should be taken into consideration, too.

“The current CITB levy-raising powers expire after collecting the 2016 Levy,” Ian Anfield continues.  “So this is a chance to directly influence whether the levy should continue or be scrapped altogether.  It’s a once in a lifetime chance to change the system, ensure fair provision of training, and end the CITB’s ridiculous money-go-round of taking from the small to give to the large.”

How to have a say

You need to complete the government’s online survey, which is here.  

The fourteen survey questions include:

  • Do you believe the levy and grant system are still needed?
  • Does the current grant system help address the industry’s skills shortfall?
  • Do you understand what services the CITB offers?
  • What value does the CITB deliver to your business?
  • Are grants easy to access?
  • Does the CITB help produce site-ready new entrants?

Ian Anfield adds:  “I’m certain the big firms are participating in the survey, so I hope Hudson Contract clients will do the same, in order to redress the balance and make their voices heard for a change.  The survey is pretty straightforward and shouldn’t take more than ten minutes or so to complete.  Please take a look.”

Survey deadline:  21st March 2017

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