Should I really have made those predictions?

Should I really have made those predictions?

9th December 2013 | David Jackson

Since it’s that time of year again, I thought I’d review the five predictions I made last December:

  1. Growth: We anticipate continued growth for Hudson Contract. I’m delighted to report that around 430 new clients have been welcomed into the “Hudson Contract Family” this year – which works out to around 18% growth. I hope each and every one of you prospers in the years to come, assured in the certainty of the status of the operatives you contract through us and our delivery. Hudson Contract values your business, and the trust you place in us.
  2. An upturn in the economy: We predict a 2% increase in the number of construction operatives in the workplace from 699,000 employed and 720,000 freelance. That’s an extra 28,380 builders on the sites. Nationally, the figures are not yet known. But Hudson Contract can vouch personally for 2,000+ more freelance builders. That’s because most of our transacting clients have increased the number of operatives working on their sites. Some have increased numbers dramatically. And a majority have confirmed an upturn in their order books, which is great news all round.
  3. Politics: Chuka Umunna will become leader of the Labour Party. The jury’s still out on this one. However, our future prediction is that if Ed Miliband fails to win the next election – then Mr Umunna will one day be living at 10 Downing Street.
  4. Sport: The England Rugby team will win the Six Nations Championship and the Grand Slam. Ok, they didn’t quite have the power and skills to beat the Welsh or the All Blacks, but I was at Twickenham for the New Zealand game and thought England were fantastic. A couple more degrees of improvement and try-scoring wingers will do the job in 2014.
  5. Employment Rights: Hudson Contract will sign a “declaration of co-operation” to work with the construction union in recognising both the rights of employed and freelance builders. We live in hope, and our door remains open… No change there then!

On a festive note, I hope every office of every client has received a gift from the team here at Hudson Contract by the time you read this. And if not, it will arrive later in the week.

On behalf of the team, I wish you a Merry Christmas, plus a happy – and prosperous – New Year.

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