Pick an Audit and CIS Contract Service you can trust

Pick an Audit and CIS Contract Service you can trust

3rd July 2017 | Hudson Contract

We’ve been meeting complex, ever-changing CIS tax and employment regulations since 1996. Paying over 100,000 different subbies, none of whom have ever been deemed by HMRC or an employment tribunal to be employees. Reliability is our hallmark. And it is underpinned by a watertight guarantee given to every client.

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Choose an Audit and CIS Contract Service you can trust, NOT a payroll company

If you rely on subbies to help your business flourish, you know that only ONE call from HMRC plus ONE failed status inspection can quickly result in penalties and fines totalling THOUSANDS of pounds.

Which could be enough to wipe out your business altogether. 

So who CAN you trust to make sure your subbies are legitimately self-employed? 

Well, Hudson Contract actually established the market for secure self-employment in construction back in 1996.   

Since then, over a hundred other companies have followed in our wake.

These days, it’s a crowded marketplace and it’s often hard to be sure who’s reliable and who’s not.

That’s why we hope you’ll be reassured to learn that today, more than twenty years on, Hudson Contract’s unbroken record as the Number One choice remains. 

We work hard to eliminate CIS tax and employment risks for construction companies large and small.

In the last year we’ve audited, contracted, justified and paid over 50,000 subbies. Declaring them ALL to HMRC as self-employed.

To date, we’ve accounted for over £1 billion in CIS tax and VAT and, last year alone, we made over 1.1 million payroll payments.

Over 2,000 construction companies, big and small, trust us to get the job done. And they recognise we’re good at it too. We are 100% reliable - GUARANTEED

So if you need a company with a proven track record to look at your CIS contracts, we can help. 

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