Labour’s plans to strengthen workers’ rights and what they mean for you

Labour’s plans to strengthen workers’ rights and what they mean for you

15th March 2024 | Hudson Contract

Labour has pledged to strengthen workers’ rights from day one if it wins this year’s general election. 

Deputy Leader Angela Rayner has promised to bring in a single status of worker “for all but the genuinely self-employed”. 

Labour has set out plans for all workers, regardless of sector, wage or contract type, to be given the same basic rights and protections.

These will include sick pay, holiday pay, parental leave, protection against unfair dismissal and many others. 

Hudson Contract’s managing director Ian Anfield said: “We are carefully scrutinising the policies with our lawyers to make sure we continue to provide a compliant and effective service to our SME clients in the supply chain who rely on highly-skilled and productive subcontractors.  

“At the same time as Labour is talking about creating a single classification of worker, the current government is cracking down on umbrella companies, HMRC is pursuing thousands of self-employed contractors for alleged breaches of managed service company law and unscrupulous payroll companies are entering the market with dodgy tax schemes.

“Well-run construction firms can trust in Hudson to make sure they remain compliant and don’t get any nasty surprises.”

Labour has vowed to beef up protections for self-employed workers who suffer from insecurity, uncertainty and a lack of basic rights. 

Mr Anfield said: “The self-employed tradespeople we pay are earning £1,000 a week and building the new housing and infrastructure that Britain needs. Ending their self-employed status is not what they want. They are a world away from the gig economy.”

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