Hudson Contract Apprentice Sponsorship Scheme: It’s never too early to get that first step on the career ladder

Hudson Contract Apprentice Sponsorship Scheme: It’s never too early to get that first step on the career ladder

11th June 2018 | Hudson Contract

Meet Louie Murray, youngest of the thirty apprentices being sponsored this year by Hudson Contract!  At just sixteen, Louie is already part-way through a joinery course at East Riding College in Bridlington.   “When I left school I had a summer job with G Colman Builders in Bridlington,” Louie says.  “That was enough to make me realise I wanted a hands-on career.”

“We’re a family business,” Louie’s boss Gary says.  “Louie came along at exactly the right time and sponsorship from Hudson Contract enabled us to offer him an apprenticeship.  It’s working out very well indeed.  Louie is a great find, he’s developing well and he makes a cracking cup of tea!”

Louie agrees.  “Joinery is so much more than just working with wood,” he explains.  “The principles are the same if you need to fit an uPVC insulated door.  I’ve also learned to put on roof timbers when there’s snow on the ground and helped to install a new floor.  I love my job because I get to make money.  I’m also improving my life skills by way of talking to customers, which is something you don’t get on a full time course.”

Meanwhile, Robert Sykes, 21, and 17-year-old Josh Kellett, are both on Level 2 bricklaying apprenticeships.  

Robert is currently working with Chris Buckborough on a new build in a village just outside of Bridlington. “I was an apprentice myself so I know how this is a win-win-win for individuals, businesses and the industry as a whole,” Chris says.  “And what Rob gains by being with a small builder like myself is the variety of work.”

Robert adds:  “I had a job at Tesco while I worked out what I wanted to do and I’ve made a good choice.  I learn so much every day.  And not just bricklaying – I’m starting to understand plastering, paving and groundwork as well.”

Not far away, in Scarborough, Josh is helping to build a house extension.  “I came into the trade through my step-dad, helping out during holidays and weekends.  “I know I could be earning more doing something else but I’m looking at the long term view.  I know how much good bricklayers can earn so I don’t mind a lower wage for now.”

Josh’s employer, Nick Sheader from Scarborough-based Homebuilder (Scarborough) says:   “Hudson’s sponsorship is great.  It enables us to spend that little bit more time on site explaining and training, knowing that some of this extra time time is being financially supported by other means.”

All three apprentices acknowledge the importance of their classroom learning.   Josh explains:  “You get taught the technical side of things, which isn’t always possible to do on site.”

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