Hudson sponsors 150th apprentice in scheme to boost skills in seaside communities

Hudson sponsors 150th apprentice in scheme to boost skills in seaside communities

20th January 2020 | Hudson Contract

We have sponsored the 150th apprentice in our innovative scheme to create meaningful training opportunities for young people in the seaside towns of Bridlington and Scarborough.

Our family-owned business came up with the programme in response to the lack of options for teenagers to develop valuable skills and enjoy rewarding careers in the construction industry.

We pay a wage contribution of £50 per person per week for the first year of their training with local employers in Bridlington and Scarborough.

Ian Anfield, Managing Director of Hudson Contract, said: "We are passionate about helping young people build promising futures for themselves within the industry we serve.

“We know that genuine training opportunities are few and far between in many seaside communities and as a successful Bridlington-based business, we are proud to support the next generation of skilled tradespeople as they start their working lives.”

The apprentices involved in the scheme have spoken about how they enjoy the hands-on nature of the work and being able to “earn while they learn” and gain trade qualifications. 

(L-R) Sam Emmerson, Toby Traves, Ian Anfield & Joe Mattinson

(L-R) Sam Emmerson, Toby Traves, Ian Anfield & Joe Mattinson


Toby Traves, a 20-year-old bricklaying apprentice, told us: “It’s interesting and active work. You learn so much more at work than you do just being in the classroom and get more opportunities earlier than those that have gone down the academic route. I have grown in confidence and enjoy meeting new people.”

Joe Mattinson, a 21-year-old bricklaying apprentice, said: “Apprenticeships didn’t get mentioned when I was at school, they just wanted push everyone down the academic route, which I knew wasn’t for me. My parents are very proud I went down the apprentice route – something different to what everyone else was doing.”

Sam Emmerson, a 17-year-old site carpentry apprentice, said: “My dad is a joiner and once I had done my work experience at school I knew I wanted to follow the same career path. Eventually I want to be self-employed as I want the independence. I will have a solid trade behind me as we will always need builders.”

All three apprentices attended East Riding College and work for Springvale Homes (East Yorkshire) Ltd, based in Bridlington and owned by Tom Hart.

Sir Greg Knight, MP for East Yorkshire, said: I am delighted that Hudson is taking the opportunity to promote and support apprenticeships. Helping young people learn a trade is quite simply one of the best investments in the future we can make, so I pay tribute to Hudson on this great milestone of 150 apprentices.

He added: “This is a perfect example of the way that a forward-looking business can use practical education to create successful careers, enhance people's skills and support local economies.”

Our scheme launched in 2011.