Hudson Rewards by (BIG) Numbers: Help us give away £60,000 to our clients in 2014!

Hudson Rewards by (BIG) Numbers: Help us give away £60,000 to our clients in 2014!

14th January 2014 | Hudson Contract

First of all, thank you to everyone who referred Hudson Contract to others in the construction industry last year. As you know, we love it when clients believe our service is good enough to recommend, and that’s why we operate our Rewards Programme, instead of spending money on expensive advertising campaigns.

Last year, we set ourselves a Rewards Budget of £45,000. And we are delighted to report that – thanks to our clients’ enthusiasm – we smashed our target by over £10,000!

We’ve done a spot of number crunching, and thought you might be interested in our discoveries:

  • Biggest Reward: £3,240 earned by an accountant who referred a demolition firm in the South-East
  • Significant Rewards: 7 Hudson Contract clients earned over £2,000
  • Most enthusiastic region: Over 40% of companies referred are in the South-East
  • Most popular sector: 28% of companies referred to us are in general construction and building
  • In the North-West: Over 40% of companies referred are in civil engineering and groundworks
  • Most popular Rewards: 25% of Rewards claimed since September, when we introduced additional ways to spend your windfall, have been wine and 13% chose theatre tokens.

So how would you spend yours?

With construction output on the up, and many clients saying they have extra work for freelance builders, this is a great time for you to refer companies to us – or even give a gentle nudge to those you referred in the past but the time wasn’t right.

Earning your Reward is easy! Just give us details of the company you want to refer and we will give them a call. We find it helps if you have already spoken to them so they are expecting to hear from us, and once they join Hudson Contract, we will contact you about your Reward.

How much can you earn?

We take the average number of freelance builders the firm you recommend engages each week over the first ten weeks and multiply it by £50. So an average of 15 labour-only subbies equals a £750 reward.

It really is that simple. You’ll find more details here

Says Managing Director David Jackson: “As always at Hudson Contract, we are ambitious, so this year, we’ve allocated £60,000 to the Rewards Programme. I sincerely hope our clients will again make sure we have under-budgeted. The whole team feels great every time we win a new client because someone has valued what we do sufficiently highly enough to recommend us.”

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