Hudson Contract teams up with the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed

Hudson Contract teams up with the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed

21st April 2015 | David Jackson

With over 21,000 individual members, The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed – IPSE – is the largest association of independent professionals in the EU. 

“The organisation represents freelancers, contractors and consultants from every sector of the economy,” says Hudson Contract Chairman David Jackson, “So it seemed only logical to explore the common ground between us, and I am delighted to report that as a result, Hudson Contract have become associate members.

“IPSE, like us, believes everyone has the right to work for themselves, and was set up to support the growing number of people who are choosing self-employment over PAYE.  So there’s a natural fit between our two organisations.  It means we now have a powerful ally in ensuring the Government is under no illusions about the enormous contribution made by the self-employed to the UK.”

IPSE’s Chief Executive, Chris Bryce, adds:  “The number of self-employed has soared to 4.5million, and of these, and about 680,000 work in construction. The sector is vital to our economy, and the contribution made by freelance builders is key to future growth. 

Chris Bryce - IPSE Chief Executive

“Now, with the support of Hudson Contract, IPSE will have an even louder, stronger voice when it comes to representing those who work for themselves in construction. 

“Hudson Contract’s 48,000 associate members can rely on IPSE to champion the issues that sit right at the heart of self-employment in the UK. We want tax simplification, greater support, and a better infrastructure for the self-employed.”

Looking beyond the election, Mr Bryce says:  “We are committed to working with whoever comes to power and you can rely on us to ensure freelance builders are recognised in policy, supported by government, and allowed to work for themselves with less regulation and fewer barriers to business.”

IPSE’s successes to date include prompting the government to appoint a self-employed ambassador, setting up a conciliation service for late payment, and an announcement that maternity pay for the self-employed will be given serious consideration. 

“These achievements are proof that politicians are willing to work with us to help build a friendlier environment for the self-employed workforce,” says Mr Bryce.