Hudson Contract’s ‘Giraffe House’ nears completion

Hudson Contract’s ‘Giraffe House’ nears completion

19th May 2015 | David Jackson

I like to tell myself it says something good about a business when staff feel free to give their company chairman a bit of stick... because that’s exactly what’s been happening, here in Bridlington.

You might remember that we’ve been extending the Hudson Contract headquarters, and as the project progressed – the exterior is almost complete and the interior is in the second fix phase – I undefineddiscovered the staff have already dubbed our new building The Giraffe House.

It’s got nothing to do with keeping exotic livestock, but I’ve been teased about the design of the building’s tall roof.

In a few week’s time, the Giraffe House – even I’ve got into the habit of calling it that! – will be complete and ready for meetings, training and downtime space and I’ll have succeeded in creating a comfortable, quiet space for everyone, to add to the amenity of the offices here at HQ.

Step inside

So let me give you a preview . . . the interior is fitted with oak-faced engineering board and scrim-faced panels. Why? Because my first consideration was to avoid large areas of plastered walls, the process for which includes too much water for my liking. Instead, we adopted a dry process that gives changes in texture, and colour and brings good acoustic dampening qualities into the bargain. The heating system is up and running, the new kitchen is being fitted, the electricals are going in as I write and the furniture is due at the end of the month.undefined



Meanwhile, a further capital investment in the business has been completed to the extent that our servers has been upgraded on such a grand scale that our builders had to run a second set of counter joists to strengthen the server room floor!

After nineteen years, our commitment to clients, operatives and our staff continues... and I have to say, it’s good to see so many people at Hudson Contract walking tall with smiles on their faces.

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