Hudson Contract Rewards and a Disney Dream

Hudson Contract Rewards and a Disney Dream

19th May 2015 | Hudson Contract

And so it goes on. . . every month, the Hudson Contract Reward Programme enables us to give away thousands of pounds to say thank you for passing on our details. And we’re noticing a growing number of freelance builders want to continue to be paid by us when they switch to a new contractor.


One of the latest freelancers to win a Hudson Reward – worth £755 – is Audrius, a groundworker from Essex.

Audrius was on the move, and so happy with the Hudson Contract service that he had no wish for the arrangements to change. So he took positive action and recommended us to a new firm.

The result? A great win-win-win for all!

Audrius gets the Reward and is taking his family to Disneyland Paris to celebrate, the contractor has the security of knowing that his operatives are correctly contracted, and the Hudson Contract ‘family’ grows by one more client.

Meanwhile, we continue to receive referrals from accountants who recognise the huge advantage of recommending a firm whose self-employment contracts are guaranteed. It means they can be certain their construction clients can eliminate the financial risk of falling foul of an HMRC status investigation.

Equally, our clients are keen to recommend friends, family and business contacts. To give you just one fresh example, a client in West Yorkshire received a Hudson Contract Reward worth £2,736 last month just for passing on our details to another Leeds-based firm.

The client says: “I’ve been using Hudson Contract for two-and-a-half years. Not only do they handle my entire payroll, but more importantly, they facilitate the freelance labour we require for our contracts and give guaranteed protection on the tax and employment law liabilities that come with using subbies. It’s because of this peace of mind that I am happy to recommend their services to other contractors”

Referring is easy

To put yourself in the money all you have to do is:

  1. Mention to your friends, family and contacts that you’re a Hudson Contract client and the advantages of being with us, and let them know you’re going to pass on their details, so they’re expecting to hear from us
  2. Then call us on 0845 643 5289 or email us with the details of whoever you want to refer – and to see how much you can earn. We’ll let you know how we get on and hopefully be contacting you to ask how you’re going to spend your Reward!


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