Hudson Contract Rewards: £7,000 to give away before January – help urgently required!

Hudson Contract Rewards: £7,000 to give away before January – help urgently required!

8th November 2016 | Hudson Contract

At the start of the year, we set ourselves the target of giving away £50,000 in Hudson Contract Rewards during 2016.  We’re on track to achieve this, with clients, accountants and freelance builders having shared £43,000 . . . and now, to reach our goal, we’re hoping for a final flurry of energy from eNews readers.

As you might remember, we relaunched Hudson Rewards in 2014, and started to offer a selection of options in addition to cash, including high street vouchers, theatre vouchers, wine and, for larger Rewards, days at the races. Cash remained king throughout 2014 and 2015 but this year the tide has turned considerably:

1.  69% of all Rewards claimed this year have been in vouchers:

  • Three-quarters of winners choose High street vouchers, with John Lewis, Waitrose and Amazon proving popular
  • Theatre tokens remain a firm favourite, especially as you can to put them towards a theatre break weekend
  • Virgin Holiday Vouchers to reduce the cost of a holiday are also proving popular

2.  Meanwhile, 30% of Rewards are still being claimed as cash

3.  And one company decided to donate their reward to Great Ormond Street Hospital – a gesture that was hugely appreciated

Winning your own Hudson Reward is so easy

Just think for a moment.  Which of your contacts, friends and relatives in the construction industry could benefit from being with Hudson Contract?   Referrals pop up at all sorts of odd moments.  We’ve had people referring someone they’ve met on holiday, others who were having a chat at their local and of course, those who work together.

But here are two that are slightly out of the ordinary:

  • A Reward of nearly £2,000 was paid out when a father asked :  “Did you go to school with someone who owns a construction company?  Ask him how he does his CIS.”
  • Over £500 was earned by a freelance builder who kept in touch with a company he’d worked for 15 years ago – the cash came at the right time, as the builder’s fence had blown down, and the Reward covered half the costs.

And we’ve just sent £190 to a company that says:  “Recommending Hudson Contract is a no-brainer.  It’s easy to recommend such a good service.”

Who do YOU know who could benefit from Hudson Contract?  Here’s what to do. 

Mention to your friends, family and contacts that you’re a Hudson Contract client and the advantages of being with us, and let them know you’re going to pass on their details, so they’re expecting to hear from us.

Then call us on 01262 401040 or email us with the details of whoever you want to refer.  We’ll let you know how we get on, and then – hopefully – contact you to ask how you’re going to spend your Reward.

How much could you earn?

Find out here

Is there anything else you would like to see as a Reward?  If so email with your suggestions and we’ll see what we can do

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