Hudson Contract Rewards: £15,000 shared by our clients so far in 2017 – your turn next?

Hudson Contract Rewards: £15,000 shared by our clients so far in 2017 – your turn next?

10th May 2017 | Hudson Contract

If you’re a typical Hudson Contract client, you joined our ‘family’ because we were recommended by a colleague or family member in construction who was already doing business with us. 

We hope it’s a decision that’s given you peace of mind.  And if so, maybe this is the month for you to take part in the Hudson Contract Rewards Scheme . . . because as the name suggests, it pays for you to play it forward and spread the word. 

Instead of shelling out on marketing, we’re keen to reward the people who help us gain new clients.  And so far this year, it seems we’re a more popular choice than ever!  We’ve already written cheques, sent high street vouchers and theatre tokens, and donated to charity sums worth almost £15,000. 

And genuinely, it’s a pleasure.

It’s great to know the Hudson Contract service is held in such high regard that our clients, along with accountants and other business associates, are happy to refer us to their own contacts, friends and family.  To do this means you trust us, and since trust is key in construction, we are honoured by the trust placed in us by every single client, week in, week out.

As one Lancashire accountant recently explained:  “I refer my clients to Hudson Contract because I want them to be fully protected.  It is my duty to recommend services that will help their business.”

Referring is easy and now the Reward is even better – provided you’re quick!

Refer someone to Hudson Contract before 31st May and we will send you a £25 gift voucher as a Bonus Reward just for passing on the details.*

All you have to do is complete the form below or phone us with the details of whoever you think should benefit from our service – it would be great if you can let them know you’ve passed their details on, so they’re already expecting to hear from us.

Once they sign up, you’ll earn £50 per operative engaged by Hudson Contract as a result of your referral – paid after ten weeks of transacting, based on the average number of subbies per week. So if the firm you recommend has ten operatives on average per week, you’ll earn £500, payable in cash, vouchers or even a day at the races.

There’s no limit to the number of times you can refer; they just need to be a firm that pays subbies under CIS.

Equally, there’s no ceiling on Rewards – our largest individual payment to date is over £4,000.

Ready to refer or want to know more, call us today on 01262 401040

The Small Print:  Terms & Conditions

  1. You need to provide the decision maker’s name, company name, contact number and email address at time of referring, plus your own contact details.
  2. Please ensure you have the company’s permission to share their details with Hudson Contract. The company may be informed that you provided their details.
  3. You need to contact Hudson Contract, via phone, email or web form with the details of the company/companies you wish to refer.
  4. Hudson Contract may decline to accept any referral for a potential client, where the company is not CIS or VAT registered, has been in talks with Hudson Contract within the last six months, is a sister company or subsidiary of a current Hudson Contract client or is an agency.
  5. Referrals must be received by Hudson Contract by 23.59 on 31st May 2017.
  6. After your referral has been transacting for ten weeks, Hudson Contract will calculate your additional Reward by calculating the average number of operatives paid per week during this period multiplied by £50.
  7. Proof of sending is not proof of receipt.
  8. Your voucher will be sent by email within 14 days of contact being made with the company being referred.
  9. No cash or other alternatives and vouchers will be sent by email only.
  10. In the event of any queries, please contact the promotion organiser; Rewards Department, Hudson Contract Services Ltd, 1 Mill Lane, Bridlington, YO16 7AP.
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