Hudson Contract joins the Top 100

Hudson Contract joins the Top 100

18th November 2014 | David Jackson

I’m delighted to have received an invitation to the inaugural launch of the Investec/Times Top 100 mid-sized businesses list, reflecting the solid position and performance of Hudson Contract within the UK economy.

The list will appear later this month, no doubt with a burst of publicity, and in the interim, I have been reflecting on the £1.3billion we have accounted for in tax over the past seven years.

Meanwhile, I have a couple of important projects on the go that reflect my new role as Chairman of Hudson Contract.

1. New Website

Our current site was conceived in 2008 – many, many years ago in terms of the speed at which the internet develops and moves. We’ve updated it frequently, of course, but the time has come for more than just a facelift.

So we are changing the presentational emphasis, renewing the video content, and revising the information we provide from A – Z. All of which, I hope, will reflect the commitment we make to our clients.

You’ll be the judge of this when you see the results in January. I’m excited by the work in progress, and I look forward to your feedback.

2. Accommodating business expansion

In the offline world, I’m in the throes of adding a further 100 square metres of space to our processing office in Bridlington. The extension will be built between January and March 2015 and will provide us with a new kitchen, plus training and meeting facilities for our team.

We are also making changes to our Manchester office, forward planning to increase our capacity for the future.

Talking of expansion, three members of the Hudson Contract staff are embracing motherhood: Becky had a daughter last month, Kara is due to bring a son into the world any day now and – not one to be left out – Lisa is due in March. Wonderful news for all. . . it seems the Hudson family just keeps growing!

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