Hudson Contract Facts and Figures: Annual Update

Hudson Contract Facts and Figures: Annual Update

13th May 2014 | Hudson Contract

Just to let you know that in the last financial year, we have welcomed 388 new clients to the Hudson Contract family – with a clear majority located in the London and the South-East.

Over 60% of our new clients are in these ‘Top Five’ trades:

  • General Builders: 29%
  • Civil Engineers: 11%
  • Specialist Trades: 8%
  • Electricians: 7%
  • Scaffolders: 6%

Hudson Contract Managing Director Ian Anfield comments: “We are delighted to report that over 50% of our new clients came to Hudson Contract by way of recommendation from existing clients, accountants and freelance operatives who have been engaged by us in the past. And as always, we are pleased and proud to have this seal of approval from those with first-hand experience of the service we provide.”

We were also sorry to see 45 clients leave us, due to a mixture of businesses closing, retirements, and administration. However, it is pleasing to see that this is considerably down on last year’s figure of 72 companies that said goodbye for one reason or another.

Ian Anfield adds: “During the year, 28,021 freelance builders who are looked after by Hudson Contract had their status verified and accepted by HMRC. This figure is up on last year, and appears to mark the end of recession for the construction industry.

Once again, thank you to everyone who has recommended Hudson Contract to others in Construction. To find out more about our Rewards Scheme and how you could benefit, click here.

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