Craig is King of the Hudson Contract Fantasy Football League – AGAIN!

Craig is King of the Hudson Contract Fantasy Football League – AGAIN!

9th June 2016 | Hudson Contract

Bad news for anyone who joined the Hudson Contract Fantasy Football League last season and put their poor performance down to freak results and/or bad luck.   Hudson Contract client Craig Johnson has won our competition for the second successive year . . . proving that even when you think you’re no longer in with a chance, patience and persistence really do pay off.

“For most of the season, I was out of contention,” Craig says.  “And even though they say the table cannot lie, I convinced myself I was in a false position.  Coming into the final sequence of games, most of those above me had played both Wild Cards, and the three chips that delivered bonus points:  All-Out-Attack, Bench Boost and Triple Captain.”

Craig’s master plan swung into action with only six weeks of the season remaining, when he refreshed his team with a Wild Card.  A week later, Alexis Sanchez obliged with triple points in a double game week, and Craig’s team – the aptly-named Boucebackability – rocketed into the reckoning.

“At that point I was glad I’d kept the faith and hadn’t gone overboard with transfers,” Craig adds.  “I try to bank them wherever possible, so I can make two at a time without having points deducted.  When we got to the final week, I thought I was in with a good chance, and in the end, my team just squeaked over the line.”

Craig, a thirty-two-year-old office worker for Ceramic Specialists, in Wiltshire is now £1,000 better off as a result of his victory.   “I’m a Liverpool supporter, living in Wiltshire,” he says.  “It’s hard getting to games, so I’m using the prize money on home improvements.  I’m hugely grateful to Hudson Contract for putting up such a generous prize.”

Craig’s tips for next season:

“With so many renowned managers in the Premiership, it’s definitely going to be interesting!  I’m likely to go for three Liverpool players at the start, not because I’m a fan, but because they’re not in Europe, so there’s likely to be less rotation.  I’ll also be wary of players who’ve had a good run in The Euros and the Copa America, as they won’t have had much of a rest.  By contrast, those who’ve had the summer off, like Christian Eriksen, are worth a look.  I suspect last-season’s stand-out players like Mahrez and Vardy will be a lot more expensive.  And then there will be the newcomers, signed before the transfer deadline . . . I’ve learned even famous names often need a bit of time to settle in.  I’ll probably play my first wildcard early, because at the start of the season it’s all about cutting dead wood and increasing the value of the team.”

Hudson Contract Managing Director Ian Anfield says:  “Craig is a worthy winner.  If he can make it three wins, we’ll probably buy him a trophy!”

Details for next season’s Hudson Contract Fantasy Football League will be announced soon.  In the meantime, enjoy the Euros!

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