Construction companies urged to take on former Carillion apprentices this National Apprenticeship Week

Construction companies urged to take on former Carillion apprentices this National Apprenticeship Week

2nd March 2018 | Hudson Contract

Hudson Contract and DPH Construction have teamed up this National Apprenticeship Week to encourage firms across the UK to ensure former Carillion apprentices can continue their training.

With the collapse of Carillion sending shockwaves through the construction industry, more than 1,400 apprentices have been directly impacted.

Workplace audit and contract solutions provider, Hudson Contract and bricklaying sub-contractor, DPH Construction are calling on companies to provide placements for these trainees so they can carry on learning their respective trades.

DPH Construction, which is based in North Shields in the north east, immediately hired 17 former Carillion bricklaying apprentices meaning they can complete their qualifications with adequate on-the-job experience.

Aged between 16-20 years, the apprentices are all completing bricklaying courses ranging from NVQ level 1 to 3 and will now be able to finish their courses at their existing colleges in Newcastle and Sunderland, avoiding unnecessary disruption.

Hudson Contract has supported more than 100 apprentices across the trades since establishing its ground-breaking Apprenticeship Sponsorship Scheme back in 2011. The company offers 12 months’ financial support to help employers take on apprentices, paying 50 per cent of each apprentice’s wages for the first year of their training. The CITB has now also offered an incentive of £1,000 to help companies take on Carillion apprentices.

Dean Hogarty, Director of DPH Construction, started out as an apprentice himself and has since worked in the bricklaying industry for 30 years.

He said: “We didn’t think twice when it came to helping these lads. Many of them, although employed by Carillion, had already been working on DPH sites, with a lot of time invested into them and their skills. It’s absolutely vital that we support future talent in our industry and that we minimise the impact on the Carillion situation.

“I was given a chance when I started my apprenticeship 30 years ago and it’s important to me to offer the same opportunities to others too. I’d urge any other firms thinking of taking on apprentices to think of the future of our industry. There may be short term challenges in terms of logistics, but it’s well worth the effort long-term.”

David Jackson, Founder and Chairman of Hudson Contract added: “With an aging workforce, it is important that the 1,400 Carillion apprentices are allowed to continue with their courses to ensure that they are not lost to another industry. What Dean and DPH have done is truly commendable. The company has increased its number of apprentices by 230%, and it’s still looking to take more on this year. I hope other companies will be inspired to take on apprentices too.”