Compliance matters more than ever during downturns

Compliance matters more than ever during downturns

12th December 2022 | Ian Anfield

When times are tough, it’s more important than ever to have Hudson Contract at your back. Clients tell us that while they are busy chasing work and trying to stay on top of inflation and cash flow, the last thing they need is a time consuming and stressful tax investigation or employment tribunal.

Like everybody else, as things have tightened up the taxman is looking to increase his revenues. HMRC status cases are on the rise and taking longer and longer to resolve. And while HMRC is stepping up compliance checks, no-win, no-fee lawyers are touting for new business and see holiday pay claims and employment status cases as an opportunity.

So when times are tough it’s more important than ever to have robust policies in place for peace of mind and to enable your focus to remain on winning work, delivering for clients and getting paid. Every day our regional managers help clients large and small stay clear of protracted arguments and investigations by running CIS and contract health checks, conducting mock inspections, auditing sites and helping draft policies and procedures.

It would be a mistake for a company to assume that compliance matters less during a downturn. When opportunities are scarce and running a business becomes harder, a big argument with the taxman or an employment tribunal could be disastrous.

Founded in 1996, we have been around long enough to know the economy runs in cycles. If we are set for a recession, as some commentators suggest we are, we will be doing everything in our power to ensure that our clients are in the best possible shape with a compliant, flexible self-employed workforce, for when we inevitably come out on the other side.

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