What do YOU think of the Construction Industry Training Board?

What do YOU think of the Construction Industry Training Board?

14th July 2017 | Hudson Contract

Every three years, the Construction Industry Training Board has to prove it has the support of the industry in order to collect the Levy that funds its existence. This process is known as consent.

Consent is now being sought and this is your chance to have a say.

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What do YOU think of the Construction Industry Training Board?

That’s a question we put to our clients. And the overwhelming majority are LESS than impressed. They reckon the CITB’s had its day.

So what’s the problem?

It’s there for training. Right?

Not entirely.

A QUARTER of the levy gathered from construction companies is spent on administration. And this year, ANOTHER quarter will go to large firms who have ALREADY received funding from the Apprenticeship Levy and so will be paid twice!

Not exactly a level playing field. Not least because large contractors have people whose JOB it is to claim the grants on offer.

Meanwhile, SMEs lack the time or resources to get bogged down in complicated application forms. What’s more, smaller firms are often PUT OFF applying for grants because of the obstacles in their way. So they often lose out.

The CITB are continuously tweaking the rules to take more and more from smaller businesses. All whilst paying millions of pounds to, and actually taking LESS, from MAJOR contractors.

It’s clear to see why one of the biggest complaints is that the CITB is too much like Robin Hood… only in reverse.

Will it always be this way? Would training come to a halt if the CITB didn’t exist?

We think NOT!

The good news is there’s still time to change the CITB, the consultation period for their 2018 Levy is happening right now.

So don’t let Federations and their block votes speak in YOUR name. If you want better, fairer help with your training requirements, tell your Federation what you think. You can also contact Hudson Contract and we’ll help you bring about a change that works for EVERYONE.

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